Real Estate agents make a ton of money right? You get to pick your own hours and have no boss, right? You can make money just doing it on the side, right?

People see the prices of home going up, and with that the $ that the agents working on the deals going up as well. It makes people often think that they too can be agents, just need to get their license and then start selling homes to their friends and neighbors to start raking in the dough. Maybe even do it part time to earn some extra cash.

What these folks don’t know about or understand is all the time and money it takes to get the clients and make the sales. They don’t understand what the”split” is, or what fee’s agencies charge their realtors, or the fact that you need to pay for all the photos, videos, drone videos, and print materials to sell your listings.

Here is a link to a great article on the subject by Scott Van Voorhis, titled “How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make?“.

Take a look at the article and get a glimpse into all the work that goes into doing what we do, especially if your going to do it well.