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Home-Price Growth is slowing again

It looks like the market has finally caught up with that Economists have been saying for years, that the prices couldn't continue to grow as fast as they were. For now, price-growth is decelerating, prices are not declining: the national index’s 6.2% annual gain was down from 6.4% in the three-month period ending in May.   [...]


It’s Fair time in Marin County

Not all County Fairs are created equal. Here in Marin County we’re proud to have the Greenest Fair on Earth! Everything from renewable energy, solar powered stages and carousels to an amazing Waste Diversion plan. In 2015 we diverted a record 94% of waste at the 2015 Marin County Fair. Through coordinated services and planning, more [...]


Marin Transit Getting Around Marin

At my Terra Linda Rotary Club, our guest speaker was Jon Gaffney of Marin Transit. He is the Senior Mobility analyst for Marin Transit. Marin Transit is located in San Rafael CA and they work in colabration with 14 different transit agencies to make one system that works within Marin and reaches out to San [...]


The Effect of Rising Sea Levels on the Coastal Homes

Nearly 1.9 million homes in the United States would be flooded if the seas rose six feet. Despite record-warm years and some crops already reacting to unusual shifts in the weather, climate change for many people remains an issue for the future. That future came a little closer this year, when scientists studying Antarctic ice loss [...]