Horn blows throught San Rafael and Novato for thenext few months. As testing continues, the Sonoma Marin Area Rail Train will blow it’s horn through Marin until the end of the year. San Rafael and Novato are set up and appling for a Quiet Zone that will allow minimal horn blowing, see the Marin IJ article SMART Train Quiet Zone.

The SMART train will be a needed addition to Marin and commuters, residents are upset with the sound of a Horn blowing as the train moves through Marin. Federal regulations set the standards as to when a horn blows for safety reasons. Even here in Quiet Marin, the horn will blow. San Rafeal and Novato have set up to minimize the horn. Yes, it will be a disruption for the first year or so, then it will become a regular occurance here in Marin. It will be pretty nostalgic to have years gone by mass transportation back in Marin.

We need some relief with all the traffic congestion in Marin.