With Bald Hill and Mount Tamalpais as a backdrop, excellent schools and a charming downtown filled with unique shops and restaurants, San Anselmo has a lot to offer those desiring to live in Marin. Once a bustling crossroads for several railroads, this community of nearly 13,000 treasures its sense of peace and quiet. Town officials endeavor to maintain San Anselmo’s small town ambiance, preserve the historic character of the unique downtown shopping area (you won’t find a big box store here), and protect its open space and parks.

San Anselmo’s downtown is made for strolling. On any day of the week, you’ll find residents and visitors alike sitting outdoors at one of the many coffee shops, cafes or restaurants, talking with friends and soaking in the sun. Comforts is legendary throughout Marin County for its gourmet take-out. Creek Park, a small grassy field in the middle of downtown, is the site of many local events, such as Music in the Park and Film Night in the Park.

Long time resident of San Anselmo, George Lucas, conceived many of his movie ideas in his San Anselmo Avenue studio. In 2013, he donated Imagination Park to the town, which includes a fountain with bronze statues of Indiana Jones and Yoda. The park is a big draw for families with small children. Sorich Ranch Park, a former dairy, offers hikers expansive views of Mount Tamalpais and the surrounding hills.

Real estate in San Anselmo is a mix of older homes on flat, tree-lined streets as well cottages and small apartments. Heading up Butterfield Road, many homes have sweeping views of the open spaces, grasslands, and oak trees. 

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