Just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, Sausalito attracts visitors from around the world for good reason. Its beautiful bay front promenade has postcard perfect views of San Francisco. Downtown shops include art galleries and boutique clothing stores, interspersed with world-class restaurants. Stroll downtown Sausalito during a weekday, however, and you may feel that you have this charming town all to yourself.

Residents of Sausalito are passionate about their town. Many started out as visitors, came for a day, fell in love with the area and decided that this was where they had to live. Regular ferry service as well as easy car and bicycle access to the City makes Sausalito a desirable locale for commuters.

Many residents are artists, tech workers, inventors and authors. The Sausalito houseboat colony includes more than 400 floating homes on Richardson Bay. This community evolved from the free-spirited artists, shipbuilders and writers who lived aboard arks, informally anchored in San Francisco Bay beginning in the 1800s.

Probably no community has easier access to the beautiful trails of Marin Headlands than Sausalito. On weekends, Sausalito residents can be found going out for a hike or bike ride, sailing in the bay, or perhaps meeting friends in a local café.

Sausalito real estate ranges from large, custom homes clinging to forested hillsides to small condominiums. Many homes have spectacular views of San Francisco and Angel Island.

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